What Government Shutdown?

In light of the recent government shutdown in the USA. I want to share a few thoughts…

agnusdeiwindowThe Lamb is on the Throne…there is no government shut down.  I was at his “daily bread” Prayer Breakfast this morning. We ate his Body & Blood, He spoke to us from his Word. All is well.

If only you spoke about the government of God as much as the government of your god.

Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon, Elijah in Israel, Peter & Paul in Rome, Christians in America.   The Faithful facing Pharaoh, Caesar and Nebuchadnezzer never complained about the government the way Christians do in America.

Thought experiment….Put away your personal or political rights for a moment and try to daniel-1look at the Bible without any rights. What are you able to control? Are you helpless? What did the biblical characters do who had no rights? Did it work for them? Did they change their world?   You may now go back to your personal and political rights.

Now is the time to test whether or not the church really believes in its social justice movement as an arm of the government of God.

If the lamp stand of the Lord goes out, then everything will shut down, because no one can work in the darkness. Revelation 2:5  Christ is the Light of the world and he called his citizens the light of the world.  The government of God is what keeps nations open and operating. 

I don’t see biblical leaders or Jesus’ followers advocating criticizing governments.  If you have political freedoms use them by all means.  I have been observing for most of my adult beastlife how Christians get so upset at the government.   After 200 years in America (really just a drop in the historical bucket) and 2000 years in the Church we should really have a bit more kingdom clarity. I don’t think you are less spiritual because you have political zeal. Administrations come and go, Governments rise and fall…what we have as followers of Jesus never changes, why not focus on Him and his administration, which if we are talking about the church isn’t perfect either and put governments in perspective. Government is suppose to be co-laborers in the work of God and yet at the same time they find themselves being ridden like a Beast. So yes, hold them accountable to the Government standard of God, because the kingdom of God among men has the keys to theKEY book-of-revelation-bible-study1 city not the Mayor. I advocate for a political agenda everyday…it is set by an unchanging agenda in the Word of God, yet I don’t seek legislation to enforce it. I never feel the same passion from many Christians about the Government of God as I hear from them about their politics. I know it has value, but it is just one of three governments (civil-sword, family-rod, church-keys) and it is not the most important just because it is the most visibly powerful.

Is our Ecclesiology…government or entertainment?

When has there ever been political rest? Never. 

When has there ever been kingdom unrest? Never.

The State does a better job separating Church and State than the Church does.  My friend Mark commented, “This is more true than most Christians care to admit. Our mandate to be a separate people has been lost by our desire to “have what they have, only with a better attitude”. That makes hypocrites of us all. Lord, forgive us for wanting to please man and not you.”

The Church in America and not a Christian America is “my country tis of Thee, sweet land of liberty.”

You birth, baptize and train the moral majority, that way you never lose the ELECTion. It is much harder than casting a vote, but it will last longer than 4 years in office, the promise is that they will never depart.

The day Israel came out of 400 years of bondage God called them his army. The Church is the army of God. Pray for OUR troops they have been captured by America.


About Michael Welchert

My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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