Staying at a Holiday Inn Expresss…near Jericho

GoodThis has been a very uncomfortable stay the past two years, but I am grateful to the Good Samaritans & the Inn Keeper.

I didn’t realize how broken, fragmented, wounded, war torn, weary, weak, and fainthearted I was until I was left to rest and recover at the Inn.

Learning to lie down, being served, recovering, healing the wounds, and being cared for by the generosity of others while staying at the Inn.

The Inn keeper was operating in the red and at his own expense to take care of the wounded traveler.

I was beaten and left for dead, but I got to stay at a Holiday Inn Express.Good 4

The only people who get the oil and the wine poured in are the people who have been opened up.

Oil and Wine are the healing graces in the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion.

Oil and Wine are what the Good Samaritan paid for to the Inn keeper to ensure our full recovery.

Good 3A continual confession of sin opens us up to the sacrament of the Oil in Baptism.

A continual confession of faith opens us up to the sacrament of the Wine in Communion.

How long do you have to stay at the Inn? I think the implication is you’re suppose to be there until the Good Samaritan returns to repay the Inn keeper.

Most Inn’s will “keep the Light on for you.”

Do you know the Inn keeper where you’re staying? Has he seen your open wound? Are you a guest or a resident?

The people working at the Inn are also staying at the Inn.

At the Inn we don’t turn down your bed, or make your bed, we help you learn how to take up your bed and walk.

Please take advantage of our concierge services. All services are provided by residents of the Inn. We are a self-serve not a serve-self Inn.

At the Inn you only get what He paid for, but then you give what he gave. Those who have Good 2been forgiven much, love much. What comes around, goes around.

Today following my meditations I received this text message from a  great friend:

I just had the most heart warming discussion with a new coworker and it was about you. Her name is Lisa and years ago before you were a Word of Life pastor and were just visiting people at the hospital your faithfulness changed their lives.  Her mother had fallen in their pool and was not doing well. She could not recognize words and was getting frustrated. You came to the hospital laid hands on her and prayed in the spirit over her. Her mother the next day understood words and was able to speak. Lisa and I both choked up over the story, your loving heart and how our lives are different because of your faithfulness. God wanted you to know today that your touch, words and works are everlasting.

Note: Lisa’s mom and dad and I became good friends and they have been supporters of our family and ministry for years, but I didn’t know about Lisa until today.  How wonderful to hear back about God’s oil and wine being re-poured into our lives.

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My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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