Open Secret of the Ancient World

The Blood Covenant is the canvass upon which I understand the heart and word of God.

blue bibleThe Bible is STORY, but the elements/setting of the story are designed in the ancient genre of a blood covenant.

If you do not understand the ancient genre of covenant it will become a book of random tales and not the LOVE story of the author.

Blood covenant is THE storyline of all the Bible. The storyline is a bloodline.

If you do not have a covenant understanding and most do not, then you are trying to read Braille with your eyes.

Blood covenant is THE open secret of the ancient world. It’s Captain Jack Sparrows compass…it’s not broke, you just don’t know how to read it.

The love of God & the cross of Christ bear witness to the covenant.  Apart from the ancient genre of blood covenant they have shallow Greek and Roman roots.

The “#hashtag” for covenant in the OT is loving kindness or steadfast love…a topic Hesedtrending thru out the Psalms.

Loving kindness is the bona fide legal term used to describe the sworn oaths of covenant rep’s. He swears his love to us even if it kills him.

The OT prophets are the covenant attorneys. They are present to ensure the terms sworn by both parties are executed to both sides.

Looking for the term “covenant” to be more dominant and disappointed not to find it?  It is encoded in the words: loving kindness/steadfast love

If you take all the references to love and mercy in the OT and don’t see/read COVENANT into it, then you are missing the great open secret.

Without a COVENANT mentality your assurance of God’s love and faithfulness in your life is built upon fables & fairy tales.

blood covenantCovenant is how you presume upon God’s ability to forgive, and how you test his faithfulness to love you amidst your failure and sin.

Covenant is the under girding guarantee that he will never leave or forsake you. Only because of covenant are a persons words virtuous.

Prayer is to enter into an “already in progress” covenant conversation with the Trinity, who have by blood adopted you as family.

Most Bible teaching has the cart pulling the horse, only covenant offers horse power to the cart of obedience. Get it turned around for free.

Covenant gives you the sense that God is intimately, personally and mystically walking around not only in the Bible, but in your life.

Covenant is why the words of your Bible are alive as the dying words of your brother, the inheritance of your Father & hope of your Mother.

The kingdom of God is bank rolled on blood covenant. The kingdom economy is built on blood covenant 3blood not money, without it the kingdom collapses.

There is NOT ONE topic of Scripture that is self sustaining without a blood covenant, except God Himself, but even he entered into a covenant.

The Church is the child of covenant love…the covenant is what conceives “for God so loved the world” to whosoever believes.

Covenant is not just another topic in the Bible, there are no other topics in the Bible without a blood covenant initiative imposed by God.

If you are talking about the gospel without a covenant shaped theology then you do not understand the genre of the book called the Bible.

The covenant isn’t just new…it’s BETTER and only the covenant as the gospel can keep it from needing a “new and improved” edition.

blood coveant 2The more civilized a culture becomes the further away they move from covenant.

The foundation of all relationships is not love, the foundation of all relationships is covenant and love comes forth out of the covenant.

If your understanding of the GOSPEL is not rooted in the ancient customs of blood covenant then it is just a Spell.

What is the reasoning behind the Gospel as story, Christianity as relationship and the Bible as promises? Covenant contains all the elements of story, provides the means of a relationship and holds the weight of the promises.

The knowledge of the gospel is faith, justification, atonement, righteousness, grace, salvation; but the wisdom of the gospel is Covenant.

Jesus, the Son of God, is the covenant in Himself. The representative of God and the representative of the human race meet in this one person, Jesus Christ.  The new covenant is not made with us as individuals. It is a covenant made by God the Father with Son of Man… The new covenant is out of our hands and beyond our ability to break; it is guaranteed by the Trinity and, therefore, is unconditional and unbreakable.

The economy of the kingdom of God is established on the blood of the covenant. The covenant is the faithful assurance of how and why God loves us – it reveals his nature – God is love!

About Michael Welchert

My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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