Miracle in your Mouth

prayer 7In the fall of 2011 during a worship service after months of prayer, I was led to make my private prayer request public.  I had been praying for a Miracle in MacKenzie’s Mouth because she had a severe misalignment of her teeth.

miracle mouthAs I shared my heart for my daughter my heart broke and in tears shared the story of my prayer.  A good friend, John White also shared my burden and came forward to help lead us in prayer for God to perform a miracle in her mouth.  I truly expected her mouth to open and be completely healed.  It was not, so I have continued to pray for her miracle.

One of the greatest parts of this story is that MacKenzie although at times self-conscious of Macher teeth, she never let it define her or become her identity.  She has a beautiful smile and uses it regularly, she remains an outgoing, warm, friendly young lady who has been actively involved around friends in church, athletics and her high school.  Her identity has been securely developed by her great relationship with her mother, brothers, sisters, me and her heart for Jesus.

This past summer MacKenzie and Sydney took care of our neighbors dog while they were on vacation.  Our neighbor (Maria) runs a Boys and Girls home where the girls have also volunteered.  Maria noticed that the girls could possibly use some orthodontics work and she related to us a program that she uses for her boys and girls home.  So with Maria’s recommendation we we applied for both girls to get the proper work done.

TOTwo days ago the girls went in for their initial check up to see if they qualified.  Both of them were ACCEPTED into the program and just after the new year will be fitted for braces for FREE.  Their only requirement is that they have to pay it forward by initiating a community service project using their gifts to helps other boys and girls.

It has been a great lesson in the perseverance in prayer and provision.  We are so deeply grateful to John, Maria, Dr. Theroux, Smile for a Lifetime and the Lord Jesus for the miracle in MacKenzie and Sydney’s mouths!


About Michael Welchert

My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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