6th Day of Christmas 2013

12 Days 6Day 6 – June 2013

Every now & then you wake up and find that this day is the now you had prayed for & worked towards back then.  -Christine Caine

The real test of faith is in facing the silence when God places you on “hold”. – TDJakes

God’s vision for your church is found in the talents of the people he brings there. – Rick Warren

It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others – Holmes

If you’ve run out of Limitless pills humble yourself on the floor & drink in the blood. Sacred moments in movies

Idols are anything you have to check with before you say yes to God. – Sean Smith

Prayer is an opportunity incubator! The more you pray the more opportunities God will send your way. – J Franklin

“It’s the character that’s the strongest that God gives the most challenges to. Now you can take that as a compliment.” -Marty from the movie Return to Me

About Michael Welchert

My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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