8th Day of Christmas 2013

12 days 8Day 8 – August 2013

I believe more dreams have died in the comfort zone than in places where risks have been taken and failed.

“We can’t give help when we can’t ask for it; When you feel judgment for asking for help you are, by default, always judging when you offer help because you have attached judgment to needing help; One way judgment shows up is when we derive our self-worth from being a helper.”

I have spent my whole life proud of being able to help people and the past two years I have been helpless and now to PROUD to ask for help for myself. I am going to stay in the fire until these putrid impurities are reduced down to ashes. I and my wife and children desperately need your help during our solitude and poverty.

When you lose vision, go back to the place where you last had it, and start over again from there.

We often pray for signs, wonders & miracles & then spend our lives avoiding any kind of context where a miracle can happen. Step out!

Every staff pastor needs a senior pastor who is secure enough in his own calling to release them fully into theirs.

When God asks you a question the answer is always, “you know”. With every uncertainty you face, let the answer come from God. Pastor Chris Hill

We love a great story, which usually comes to us in the form of a movie or a book. But there is only one problem. The movie and the book represent a story that has already been lived.

We love these stories because the hardship and heartache has already been lived out and all we have to do is watch or read through to the next chapter. But while we watch a 30 minute scenario on screen or read 3 chapters to get through those horrific events, in real life they may have taken months or years to live through.

In all of these heart warming stories there is always a friend, family, or team that is right by the side of the main character during the crisis or chaos…just like Sam was to Mr. Frodo in Lord of the Rings. The bonds and rewards of such a relationship are a huge part of what makes the story so fulfilling as we watch or read.

It is not easy to be that friend while the real life story is lived out and there is no guarantee that it will go to the Silver Screen or the NY Times best seller shelf, but it is a life worth living….even in real time.  Don’t wait for the movie to come out.

The dominant narrative really encourages denial about pain and loss. The first step in blurry_mountains_and_lake_by_windhydra-d58ipx5healing or transformation is to break denial. Denial is only broken when people can be honest and the truth can be told about the hurting places and the places of loss in our life. The church ought to provide a liturgical grid and a safe place where people are invited to become honest about their life. When we get honest in the presence of other people, what happens is that we get energy out of that for something new. A pattern of honesty that becomes trans-formative and then people’s lives are changed.

I need to sit with my loss long enough, which is very difficult and none of us wants to do that. Broken people and people from outside the margins and that is where interpretation needs to come from. We think that we are going to them to help them, but the thing that happens is that they teach us. They are so much closer to surrender and we still have so much stuff to let go of before we can get to that place of surrender where we can let go of everything. – Walter Brueggemann

You don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.

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My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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