11th Day of Christmas 2013

12 days 11Day 11 – November 2013

Are you all finding your stories alright? -Disney Store sales associate

To my wife, Diana:  If your life was played out as an athletic contest they would call what you have done a dynasty. Multiple championships have been won in our hearts, home and in the lives of many others because you never gave up on your dream of being a great mother!

One of the football coaches yesterday jokingly wondered if I could substitute the communion Wine with Fire Ball Whiskey? My instant response was, “Only for the Pentecostals!

The girls were approved for FREE braces!!!!  Two year answer to prayer!!!!

when I am praying… It is always an overwhelming wonder to have your name come into my mind when I am in a heart to heart conversation with the King. It just means that he has captured my imagination with the reality that you are on his mind.

The future of “end time prophecy” was decidedly closed at the Ascension.

“Children aren’t a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”  -C.S. Lewis

The Covenant Meal is a portal of his Holy Presence.  The Covenant keeps it heavenly, the Meal keeps it earthly.  Whether you take communion with none other or one other it is always a banqueting hall of the communion of saints…you never know who you might bump into.  The Meal is represented by a horizontal Table and The Covenant is represented by a vertical Altar.

You can’t curse me, I’ve been nailed to a Man who was hung naked upon a Tree.  -Gal 3:13

If the Christian life is going to be lived you are going to have to be the one doing it. Jesus has chosen to live his life IN you, THROUGH you and AS you.

Trust the life he put in you, He does. Live from your heart.

You will not always do it right, or in the right way, but that is a life of faith and grace.

God is pleased to clothe himself with you.

Diana said it best, I am overwhelmed and humbled today as I walk through my morning. Everything we do: drink coffee, turn on the heat, pour milk for my daughters, turn on the lights, find food for dinner, wash my hair, gas in the car… Everything is possible for my family right now because of our wonderful supporters! THANK YOU!

Pastoring people in your city who are “outside” of the Church is like herding cats.

By pastoring I mean spending months of time with them in their environment (eating and drinking with them, being in their home, at their work…) and being the “fifth wheel” at the party.Prayer over the city

Pastoring is not bribing people to come to your church by what you give them. Pastoring is not teaching or preaching to them for 2 hours a week. Pastoring is not about having a big home that you never invite people over to…I’m talking about your personal house.

Pastoring is at times walking aimlessly around life waiting for divine appointments (sounds better than it is) with people who God cares about that you would never consider being friends with, but growing fond of over time and who call upon you for spiritual care even though they never go to your church.

Pastoring is being the imperfect incarnate presence of the living God that is authentic enough for people to talk to and touch.

The gospels tell the tales of the pastoral heart of God in the person of Jesus as he interacts with people in everyday life…not church life, but real life.

Christianity isn’t just about the game on Sunday, it’s about the week of practice.

If your Christianity depends upon a pastor’s preaching, then you’re a long way from being where you should be. AW Tozer

You can’t lead what you fit in with.

You can’t offer Jesus bread when he is already the Bread.

Love is that liquor sweet and most divine, which my God feels as blood but I, as wine. – George Herbert

About Michael Welchert

My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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