Recovering from Addiction is an Addiction

Addiction is anything that I am using in a sense to try to cope in a way that ends up defacing or disfiguring the image of God inside of me.

Lie 2Man’s primary addiction is to The Lie that believes…”I am god.”…or at least I think (by the way I talk and feel about myself and others) that I should be god.  There is no hope overcoming any leech addictions (sex, control, money, power, drugs, alcohol) until I abdicate the throne and surrender to the Truth…Jesus is Lord.

We say, Jesus died for our sins. It’s true, but sounds so sterile. It might be better understood through the language of died for our addictions.  Not in the idea of dying for the things we know we shouldn’t love (the inhibitions of being intoxicated, the euphoric ecstasy of sex, the other worldly buzz off a high) but…in the things we hate after we’ve loved our hates.

Sin is not the deed we’ve done, but what’s been done by the deed…

The gangrene that attaches to my soul from gambling away my paycheck. The cancer that lie 11ravages my relationship with my wife because I’m bitter and demanding. The alienation that barks at me from my children cause I was a workaholic. The sting of acid in my open wounds because I cheated on myself by treating myself to another man. The Grand Canyon that I can’t cross because I’m trapped in choices that suffocate me because I’m too proud. The disorders of detachments that I use to make excuses for my selfishness. The bombastic noises that sit in my soul like dead silence because I exchanged the truth for my lifestyle preferences.

That an a million other untold stories of carnage from our soiled souls is what we mean when we say, sin.

What do we need to recover from? Not necessarily the things that we are addicted to. We need to recover the image of God that has been cracked and broken.

Trying to outlast or overcome the addiction gives all the higher ground to the addiction. But to set my sights on recovering the image of God in me through Jesus gives me the grace to be MORE than a conqueror. We discover the grace to not only be “free from”, but to be “free to.”

Recovery is a slow, transformative process that begins to bring the ways that we feel and experience the illusion that we are separated from God and the reality that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ. (Romans 8:14-38)

“We’ve been lied to and somehow we are okay with it. Have you looked around, really seen what is happening? The pain is real. We got used to it.

Why are you here? Why do you keep coming back? Look in the mirror…do you still see brokenness, addiction, shame, a state of bitterness and indifference?

Do you think someday freedom will just come? What if, one night at the end of your life lie 4you wake up and look around and discover freedom never came. That it never happened. Today is the day, freedom is real. You can have it, you can be free, but you must attack the system that sustains the injustice. The system is you. It’s all of us.

Freedom…do you want it? Then receive it and if you receive it then don’t you dare hold on to it for just yourself. Be concerned for the broken. Don’t look the other way and don’t wait for others to lead. Its up to you. This is what we are here for. Let’s see this through. We cannot allow people to be demoralized. Change the course. Stop the demand. Get in the way. We’re all in this together. Like you, these people want to dream, have a life, have a name, an identity…to be set free!”  –the Freedom Project, Rock Church

lie 10We can’t continue to live in Denial. Every Sunday you need to make a recovery step. Jesus is humanity’s Sponsor.  Listen to the living Word, make a sincere Confession, Worship with all your heart, and then come to the Table and be accepted in your imperfection by the Human One who was rejected in his perfection.

lie 5

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My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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