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baptismal font 2The Table doesn’t discriminate who eats and drinks by judging whose clean or dirty, who’s done good or done bad. It presumes that all who are coming know that they are hungry and unclothed and only long to be fed and healed.

The enduring grace of your baptism is in confession, not in being re baptized. You don’t need more water you just need to keep recycling the water you were given. It’s not the water that needs to be new, it’s you. The ongoing confession of faith and confession of sin is the water treatment plant of your body, soul and spirit.

The Psalms are a call to whole life worship. A life that includes affection and affliction, pain and praise, intimacy and injustice. We cannot detach or attach our life to worship…our life is the act of worship.

Blessed are the pure in heart not the perfect in heart.


“I felt abandoned, I would like to have a father in my life, and I’ve been carrying that around for 20 years. That’s a long time. It does something to you. To a kid, especially.” -Michael Phelps, 18 time Olympic gold medalist (In you the fatherless finds mercy -Hosea 14:3)

On coming out of the Texas Longhorn locker room during his career… “To be able to have a father would be terrific.” – Earl Campbell, a Football Life


Christians are addicted to moral and spiritual perfectionism (pretending MuseumSelfie #21and performing) because they are afraid to discover that they may not be very good Christians.

The Lie says…”I believe I should be like god”… powerful enough to be in control, perfect enough to be without fault, wise enough to plan out my life, etc. However, because I’m not a god, I am forced to live a life of denial, cover up and lies to pretend I am.

The Lord has trained my heart and hands for war. I love being a soldier. I love saving Private Ryan. I love being able to expose and ambush the enemy and save the person caught in the emotional, psychological, spiritual, mental warfare. I love opening up the wound of the heart on the battle field and feeling the raw nerves of human suffering and pouring in oil and wine. I love my calling.

“God does not give us overcoming life: He gives life to the man who overcomes. In every case of tribulation we take the step as though there were no God to assist us, and we find He is there.” -Oswald Chambers.

Renew the Church

Preaching is not pastoring.
Preaching is a street cop directing traffic to keep the peace.
Pastoring is a beat cop making an arrest to make peace.

Most Christians go to church to hear their preacher, not to know their pastor. Most pastors go to church to preach their sermon, not hear their people’s confessions.

Charis 4Have you ever noticed that Christian/Church promotions always are doing something…Big, Grand, Mega, Great, etc. we never promote Simple, Normal, True, Regular, etc.  Every conference, sermon, service, and event is full of some extravagant happening. Really?  People don’t live that way and not even God can keep up with your marketing campaign of mighty moves.

One of the missing elements of our modern day life and worship is the LAMENT…where we face the anguish of our adversity and the fight of our faith, but remain more deeply committed to Christ, forged through the fire with a greater weight of a burnished bronze of love and glory.

Social justice isn’t just an organized activity of the church. It’s the disorganized activity of its people in their everyday lives.


The best missionary is a good family.

Grace doesn’t provide the “right” to do what you want. Grace provides the “power” to do what you should. -D Patrick

Obedience is success
Wholeness is happyness

A non violent approach to terrorists does not mean non punishment. Judgement is mercy for them and the world.

Contemplation is truly an exercise in humility! But each interruption is yet another opportunity to return to Presence.














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My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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