Revelation 1 (video)

What he is revealing is not a future world, but a continuous present reality.  father-and-sonOne of the reasons why there are so many references to other scriptures in Revelations 404 verses is so we may see that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

“In these 518 references to earlier scripture there is not a single direct quotation.  That means that though John is immersed in scripture and submits himself to it, he does not merely repeat it – it is recreated in him.  He does not quote scripture in order to prove something; rather, he assimilates scripture so that he becomes someone.”  -Eugene Peterson

After the ascension, when Christians speak of Jesus they can no longer speak of just the Gospels, but must include his Revelation.  If the Revelation is always present, then it forever tells the future. If it is only future, then it is never present.

What Jesus as God veiled in flesh accomplished in his life, death, burial, and resurrection is actually on display in Revelation. Jesus in the Gospels is like walking thru a Gallery while the art is still shrouded in sheets…come back later to see the art unveiled…in Revelation

In the Gospel Jesus reveals the Father.  In Revelation the Father reveals Jesus.

The Gospel in Revelation is the mysterious disclosure of how all things play out in the story since Jesus became king of the nations.  Revelation is the full mystical disclosure of how the kingdom of God is at work in the heavens and earth since the Last Adam regained our seat as Emperor of the Earth.

The chair is occupied…in Revelation the word THRONE is used nearly 40 times…The God who became Man promised to be with us always…until the end of time.  Jesus isn’t going to come again…but he will reappear. He hasn’t gone from us, we just can’t see him. Heaven isn’t a distant place just a different dimension. His in and out appearances before the Ascension were prototypes of how we were to expect life to be once he sent the Holy Spirit.

Today we begin the Revelation of a global Icon.

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