Jan 3, 2017

gran-torinoWho was the pastor in Gran Torino…the Priest or Clint Eastwood?  The church today has a manish creature (pastor) that no one calls Father!

Is going to church just another consumer experience for your spiritual resume?

If yes, then GET OUT! and go find the Living God.

Be terrified, take the dare, risk it all, shutter in horror, wander in a daze, sit stooped in silence, clamor about in a sea of inner noise, circumcise your unopened pierced ears, squint through eyes bleached by light, may the scales glossed over by your perceptions be shredded by a single grain of sand, may the canvass of creation tattoo your eye lids, may your lips cracked and bleeding by unbridled passion be burned by the kiss of holy desire, may your tongue get caught in the spokes of your heart, may your grace be forged by the wind burns of tears crisis-crossing your face, may your soul tremble out through your weather veined hands, may the sinews of your strength flatline under the weight of invisible matter, …

We’ll know you’ve found Him when you don’t return, but never go. You only get TWO lives so make it a good ONE.

Be grateful beyond repair, be kidnapped by wonder that can’t be ransomed, be ravaged by divine beauty, be rescued in a mysterious maze, become human again with a child’s gaze.

When I look for the divine I find a man. When I find a man I look for his I AM.


Why is it that we believe Christianity is to be tolerant or fused with other world religious beliefs? Jesus, the Way went way out of his way to bring an end (read Hebrews) to his own religious system.

The religions of the world have oppressed people, impoverished countries and promoted cultures of enlightened darkness.

Don’t be lulled to sleep by syncretism. Jesus did not come to start a United Nations of Religion.

The Cross is not a town hall meeting of how we can all get along. It is the crucible where all men come to repent and die.

We preach Christ crucified not a world pacified.


The next Reformation is not from within the Church, but a Reformation back out and away from the infiltration of our unity with the world and its religions.

Jesus is not the leader of the spiritual old guys club (religious leaders… Mohammed, Moon & Sun, Joe Smith, the Fridge, Jehovah & the Witnesses…) who meet in the morning at McD’s for a warm cup of coffee.

He’s the only Son of the Father…that should spill some hot coffee on the groin of the guy next to you!

He is not a pale Galilean, but a towering and furious figure who will not be managed. – Tom Howard

You cant drift on Jesus.  John’s vision is describing the preeminence of his being the lord god, god of gods, king of kings, lord of lords, man of men.  Creator of creation, savior of the world, all the fullness of the godhead dwells in him.  Be held by him, be arrested, don’t divert your attention for one moment.

jesus-iconDon’t let your faith flat-line, don’t let the church shortchange the Christ for a better life message, don’t let your denomination let you sink to the lowest common denominator about who Jesus is or what he wants to do in your life.

Jesus is not the MVP of all those enshrined in the religious hall of fame of the world.  He does not take his place as the most honored among, buddah, moses, mohammed, joseph smith, sun yung moon, the dali lama, confuscious.

Yes we can coexist on earth as people, but what cannot coexist is the gods of the world’s religions and the Christ.  You can have as many gods as you desire and you can call all of them or one of them by the same name, BUT the creed of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church declares, We believe in ONE Lord, Jesus Christ.

You have to keep your eyes and ears opened to see and hear, don’t dose off, don’t just get religion, don’t just hang out with disciples without a vibrant, bell ringing Jesus.

About Michael Welchert

My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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