#7 – Dark Night of the Soul – LENT 2018


7/40 …part 2/2

In part one we saw the pride of those (ME!) who relish in their gluttony in spiritual ways. Seeking to go to extremes and beyond moderation and the counsel of wise spiritual guides.  It would be more profitable for them to not engage in these practices at all.

an-evil-spirit-world-where-did-it-come-fromThe devil takes these spiritual Olympians (written at the time of the 2018 Winter Games) and stirs up this gluttony in them through pleasures and desires that come from spiritual practices or exercises (for all intents and purposes they are exercises for holiness and godliness).  The devil and our Flesh (nothing so damnable as religious Flesh) increases these desires within them, to such an extent that they can no longer help themselves and they become obsessive.  As in the Pharisees, so we to do things as Jesus said, to be seen by others.  Many preachers these days literally preach so THEY can be heard by others.

Today social justice agendas in the church are in danger of gluttony…Selah

382274Many of these persons are very insistent with their spiritual masters to be granted that which they desire to do, extracting it from them almost by force.  If they are forbidden then they sulk around like emotional midgets or untrained children throwing temper tantrums.  They are so pigheaded that they believe that their way is God’s way and eventually they not only do not practice the faith, they walk away from it altogether.  This of course smacks loudly across the face of the post-modern culture that proudly proclaims…we do not need the Church, we are hanging out under the banner of just “Me and Jesus.”

Do you have a spiritual master, director, priest or pastor?  Do you belong to a support group of soul friends to walk with in and through life?  Or do you just follow Jesus?

Some others are also so hell bent on finding sensual satisfaction in spiritual work that if they do not feel anything then nothing was accomplished.  This is to judge God unworthily.  Most Protestants do not participate in the Lord’s Supper weekly because they walk by sight, that is they do not sense anything happening in the sensory realm so they see no need in offering or participating in the unseen graces of the Sacrament.  They only desire to feel and taste God as though he were comprehensible by them and accessible to them…that is why they Preach, Pray and Praise every week.  It is impurity in faith.


In our indulgent appetites and attachments to feelings we are very weak and often times to preoccupied for the journey upon the hard road of the Cross.  The way of the Cross, the Cruciform life is not in keeping with our pursuit of happiness and the American Dream.


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My wife Diana and I have been married since 1985 and have five wonderful children. I have been in ministry since 1980 and we currently reside in the Denver, CO area.
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