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the Baseball Gods

The Baseball Gods A year ago the Kansas City Royals would have won the World Series had they not run into that “Bum” from San Francisco.  One of the men that I umpire baseball with here in Colorado always refers … Continue reading

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500 Years…a Prophetic Perspective

Remember every 500 years there has been a monumental shift in the face of the Church. In the first 500 years we saw the establishment of the Creeds, Councils, Canons. During the next 500 years we witnessed in 1054 the … Continue reading

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Who am I to Judge?

“Who am I to judge?” -Pope Francis For many in our times that only means, who am I to judge others?  However, it must also mean, who am I to judge God?  If God has already spoken and judged something … Continue reading

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Church: a Non-Prophet Corporation

In case you have forgotten the gathering of the church isn’t for guests, visitors or the uninitiated. It’s for believers, the faithful, followers and worshipers of the Lord Jesus Christ. In case you have forgotten, your personal, private life is … Continue reading

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New Humanity

The miracle of the virgin birth wasn’t the virgin giving birth, but that God created a new man in the virgin. The ancient future hope of the world from the dawn of time was that a Seed of the Woman … Continue reading

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Deity in Humanity

I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, and I heard behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet.  Revelation 1:10 The plot of Revelation is to reveal Jesus. Here is the author of this book – Jesus, … Continue reading

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the NEW church in Town

This new church is being propagated by bright, young, talented ministers who have certain skills. They find a part of the city that best suits them. They have developed a formula which states you can go into any town or … Continue reading

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