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Clergy Clear Your Conscience Conference

I am thinking about providing a No Deceit – No Guile Forum for Pastors. We don’t need any more leadership conferences. This gathering doesn’t cost you any money, but it will cost you. Super Soul Saturday… (the Saturday of Super … Continue reading

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New Humanity

The miracle of the virgin birth wasn’t the virgin giving birth, but that God created a new man in the virgin. The ancient future hope of the world from the dawn of time was that a Seed of the Woman … Continue reading

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a Transferred Presence

Many people believe that black ink on white paper in a book called the Bible are actually the Word(s) of God. Those same words with the ink now being red, say that Jesus (who we also believe was God in … Continue reading

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Open Secret of the Ancient World

The Blood Covenant is the canvass upon which I understand the heart and word of God. The Bible is STORY, but the elements/setting of the story are designed in the ancient genre of a blood covenant. If you do not … Continue reading

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