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The Church is Judging Me

“As an evangelical, I discovered while I was at Wheaton College that it was possible to dismiss the entire church as having gone off the rails by about 95 A.D. That is, we (evangelicals) with our open bibles knew better … Continue reading

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Longing and Belonging

Many of the really powerful forces in contemporary culture work to seduce human longing along the pathways of false satisfaction.  When our longing becomes numbed, our sense of belonging becomes empty and cold; this intensifies our isolation and distance that … Continue reading

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Baby Baptism and Beyond

To the Church about to Baptize My Baby: Be warned. It’s all cuteness and lace now, but in no time at all, my little baby boy- after a brief sojourn in childhood- will hit adolescence. His hormones will kick in … Continue reading

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Vagabonds of spirit

In 1986 the words of Jesus on the cross, “into your hands I commit my spirit” caught my attention and ever since I have been on an odyssey of meditation to discover the reality of  his own humanity and mine. … Continue reading

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a Transferred Presence

Many people believe that black ink on white paper in a book called the Bible are actually the Word(s) of God. Those same words with the ink now being red, say that Jesus (who we also believe was God in … Continue reading

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