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Leadership is NOT the Limitless Pill

Everybody’s everything is leadership. The church has become one dimensional in our thinking and nobody seems to see it. We’ve boiled down “follow me” into leadership lessons. We’ve lost the dimension of walking in love, listening to the Spirit, and … Continue reading

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the Wizard of Oz in the Heartland

People who are stuck in life or love many times act like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, searching or reaching for an Oil Can to help stop the squeak and retard the rust. Offering relief to the … Continue reading

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Who am I to Judge?

“Who am I to judge?” -Pope Francis For many in our times that only means, who am I to judge others?  However, it must also mean, who am I to judge God?  If God has already spoken and judged something … Continue reading

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Apostolic Suffering

The only person who suffers more than the Prophet is the Apostle. I thought I was planting a church, but God is growing an Apostle. I have been ministering in my city for nearly 4 years among the dangerously irreverent. … Continue reading

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de Grot – Cave of the Heart part 6

Something separates a person in a generation. There were 400 men (A generational number), but those that are singled out in the story are the lives of the 30 and the exploits of the 3. The world has no room … Continue reading

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The Prophetic Hide Out

When you are not yet big enough for what you are destined for you have to go into hiding. The time came when Moses could no longer be hidden. Now after those days his wife Elizabeth conceived; and she hid … Continue reading

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