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Signs, Signs, everywhere a Sign…

Book of Revelation: Method of interpretation part 2. Now the first rule which we must apply is that we must take into account the Christians it was written to. I will never understand this book until I can get inside … Continue reading

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Listening Government

The Church is governed under Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church, the Chief Shepherd and Bishop of our Souls and the Apostle of our Faith who through the teaching, leading, counsel and abiding presence of the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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The Candlestick Maker

Vision 1 Christ in the midst of the Churches Within this first vision is a very beautiful picture of Jesus Christ and His Church. Remember we are trying to see what John saw. You have seen, I am sure, pictures … Continue reading

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Vagabonds of spirit

In 1986 the words of Jesus on the cross, “into your hands I commit my spirit” caught my attention and ever since I have been on an odyssey of meditation to discover the reality of  his own humanity and mine. … Continue reading

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Artificial Presence

The church has developed a service rather than offering a Presence. Today’s church services are so predictable and scripted, you might even say full of ceremony and ritual. Every church has a liturgy, a prescribed form of worship, it just … Continue reading

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