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Who am I to Judge?

“Who am I to judge?” -Pope Francis For many in our times that only means, who am I to judge others?  However, it must also mean, who am I to judge God?  If God has already spoken and judged something … Continue reading

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Easier to Train Children than Repair Men

I see a lot of children who are not being trained by their parents today. I also hear parents who are continually saying that they can’t control their young children (1-5 years of age). These parents want to talk about … Continue reading

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Voluntary Displacement and Downward Mobility

Our culture values “upward mobility” by staying on a secure career path, maintaining the status-quo, appearing to others as an interesting person, succeeding in business, politics, sports, academics, or even spiritual practice. The way of Jesus is radically different from … Continue reading

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Trophies of Grace

John Wesley asked…“Why are we not more holy? …and answered, “Chiefly because we are enthusiasts, looking for the end without the means.” Enthusiasm does not make up for preparation or compensate for lack of discipline, conditioning, practice, coaching, experience, and … Continue reading

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