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Best of April 2015

The Bible provides wisdom and counsel for husbands and wives exclusively. Though the world is tearing up all the photographs and blueprints of a society and a family based on the moral law of God, be not disheartened. The Church … Continue reading

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500 Years…a Prophetic Perspective

Remember every 500 years there has been a monumental shift in the face of the Church. In the first 500 years we saw the establishment of the Creeds, Councils, Canons. During the next 500 years we witnessed in 1054 the … Continue reading

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The Church is Judging Me

“As an evangelical, I discovered while I was at Wheaton College that it was possible to dismiss the entire church as having gone off the rails by about 95 A.D. That is, we (evangelicals) with our open bibles knew better … Continue reading

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Intravenous Incarnation

The people who we minister to everyday have to be slowly persuaded with an impersonation (read incarnation) of the love of Jesus intravenously through a drip bag. Its slow, relational, personal, making disciples, not at all like “church as usual”…in … Continue reading

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Deity in Humanity

I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, and I heard behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet.  Revelation 1:10 The plot of Revelation is to reveal Jesus. Here is the author of this book – Jesus, … Continue reading

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the Human spirit…part of our daily prayer

This is a prayer that I wrote over a series of weeks that I have incorporated into my daily office of prayer since 2012. Create in me a clean and sacred heart, O God.  Purify and renew a right spirit … Continue reading

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Kingdom Economics

The economy of the kingdom does not operate on money, but on gifts. We are all to use our spiritual gifts to help alleviate the poverty from people’s lives. 1 Peter 4:10 As each one has received a special gift, … Continue reading

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What Government Shutdown?

In light of the recent government shutdown in the USA. I want to share a few thoughts… The Lamb is on the Throne…there is no government shut down.  I was at his “daily bread” Prayer Breakfast this morning. We ate … Continue reading

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