Ministry Father

The unconditional love that you always express has been an indescribable blessing. You have been one of the most important and influential people in my life and I know that you will continue to be as well. I’ll always consider you to be my spiritual father. -Pastor Greg

Knowing you and Diana is one of the greatest and coolest blessings that I have had in my entire life. You have been (and will continue to be) an amazing father figure to me. -Cheyenne

You are an exceptional leader and I appreciate all you helped me to overcome, even years later. God surely put you in my life at that time with definite purpose. You inspire me to this day. Thank you for being a father to me. I’ll always love you for it and I will never forget! You are still the closest thing to Jesus I know of. -Summer

Thank you for being a great example of what it means to be a father, both to your own children and the likes of your spiritual ones. I honestly believe had I not been under your mentorship my Christian life would not be as rewarding as it now is. -Pastor Nathan

Your family loved me completely and fully when no one else did. I am thankful you answered the call of God on your life to become my daddy and the father to the fatherless. With everything that is in me, I thank you for making me look in the mirror and love what I see. You not only affect me but my children and grandchildren. You are a big reason why I live… Not why I am alive… but why I live! -Angela

I would encourage you to call him because he cares about YOU. He would be a great man for you to confide in about anything. He specializes in helping men come out of pain and into all God has for them to be. He has a big heart and I believe that whatever ails you he could help you get past. It doesn’t matter what it is, I’m sure he’s heard it all before and he’s not judgmental. -Tracey G.

My life will never be the same because of Michael’s deposit of love in my life. He created a larger view of who God is in my life and has taken the time to personally develop the character of Christ in me. -Darrell

Thank you for the liberation I continue to experience from your life and wisdom. Surely the glory of God in your life as my spiritual father is one of my richest blessings. -Tracey W.

Thank you for teaching me the way of the true gospel – by walking your walk. It has inspired me many times. I think had I received the calling, I would be molded in your shape. Maybe someday I’ll be called to be a church’s “street warrior,” taking a message of hope and redemption to those who have gotten lost.” -Mark

Marriage and Family

Pastor Michael and Diana Welchert were our first choice for our wedding ceremony. Their relationship is so full of love and has a Christ likeness to it. They are an inspiration that with God in our lives we can have a healthy Christian relationship that lasts our lifetime. Pastor Michael and Diana make themselves available to help throughout all steps of marriage from pre-marriage and throughout the rest of our lives. We love them both! -Abram & Morgan

Michael and Diana make you feel at home, like you’ve been friends for a lifetime. Then that comfort level allows you to feel vulnerable enough to open yourself up to whatever inner reflection is necessary. They empathize but also challenge. They help you see what strengths you can bring to the table for your spouse-to-be and then help you realize your weaknesses in a way that may be painful at first but freeing in the end. It is when you realize those weaknesses that you can let go of control and let your partner’s strengths come into play. We were able to do this because of the mentorship of Michael and Diana. And don’t forget the love and respect. You won’t find more of it anywhere else than between these two people…and it’s contagious. -Jordan & Anna

Thanks again for answering the phone at 3:00 a.m. You are always ministering on your way to ministry. My family is in a better place because of the time that you took out of your life to speak into ours. -Bob

Pastor Michael and Diana reflect the image and depth of true love in a family. Their love for one another can always be felt by people that spend any amount of time with them. They have a way of making anyone feel right at home, just as family. We were so blessed to have Michael officiate our wedding ceremony. He made it very memorable and authentic, making it all the more special. -Robbie & Danelle

Pastor Michael and Diana lead by example for how to have a successful marriage. As a young couple, we looked to strong Christian couples that have flourished in their marriage. Pastor Michael and Diana have been transparent in guiding us through one of the most rewarding relationships–marriage. -Trent & Sarah

Pastor Michael talked my husband out of a very dangerous situation one night. I appreciate the fact that we could call you guys at any time and you were there. You always listened and never judged. Thanks for being there no matter what time it was and for your kind encouraging words. Because of you guys we have a strong beautiful healthy marriage! -Lisa

Pastor Michael and Diana took time to be mentors to us. They are great examples of what a Christian husband and wife look like. They made my wife and I feel comfortable to open up our real marriage and life to them. They were loving and nurturing, but did not let us get off the hook on anything because they were expecting greater things out of us. They remain great mentors and leaders in the church and to so many of us personally…we would do anything for them. -Todd & Angie


There is no doubt in my mind that Michael Welchert has a true father’s heart. And he is not afraid to “wear his heart on his sleeve,” which explains why so many have been, and continue to be, drawn into the eternal love of our Heavenly Father through his ministry. -Wes Simmons, NW Missouri FCA Area Director

I know that you are a man of our Holy Father and I know you are dedicating your life to further his Word. -Roger Allen, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Michael served as our team chaplain and so much more. Several of our young men’s lives were greatly touched by his influence. When he would do our pre-game chapels it was amazing how many times he helped me coach through the things that he would say. He has a great passion for our game and our young men. When he would come out to practice many of our young men would come up to him to greet him and hug him. Michael understands that sports is about the influence and relationships that you can have to help them succeed in life. – Jerry Partridge, Head Football Coach, Missouri Western State University

Michael is not only a great person, but has great ability and knowledge to share the story of the Lord with much passion! Michael impacted our team by relating many of the great stories from the Bible to our situations in the season! This not only motivated us through playing our sport, but helped us play for and be closer personally to the Lord himself! -Michael Hill, Green Bay Packers (MVP of the Stars & Stripes Senior All Stars 2012, Missouri Western State University)

His influence on our players has been something special. After the 2006 state championship game, he is the one that all the players’ dog piled on after the game. That just tells you the kind of relationship and mentorship he has with our athletes. -Mark Juhl, Head Football Coach, St Joseph Christian High School

I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know and develop a life-long admiration and friendship with Michael. He did more than just hold game day chapels for the Griffons. He built friendships by doing his homework…he knew our players names, where they were from, positions, statistics, hobbies, and any other information that he could find on our players. Football will one day come to an end, but the future of our players will be at an advantage because of the time they had with Michael…making them better husbands, fathers and sons of God. Any team would greatly benefit from his presence! -Jay Eilers, Offensive Line Coach, Missouri Western State University


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