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#14 – Dark Night of the Soul – LENT 2018

Another of the benefits of the Dark Night is the perpetual or habitual readiness and awareness of God. In one of the very earliest training workshops led by Fr. Keating, a nun tried out her first twenty-minute taste of Centering … Continue reading

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Best of August 2015

I see faith in the irreverent, miracles in the ordinary, and beauty in the margins. -Cindy Brandt …this is a perfect description of our work in Spiritual Cardiology. To live in the present is finally what we mean by presence … Continue reading

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Intravenous Incarnation

The people who we minister to everyday have to be slowly persuaded with an impersonation (read incarnation) of the love of Jesus intravenously through a drip bag. Its slow, relational, personal, making disciples, not at all like “church as usual”…in … Continue reading

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de Grot – Cave of the Heart part 4

In 1922 Harry Truman was 38 and was in debt and jobless. In 1945 he was the most powerful man in the free world. I read recently that the total amount of consumer debt in the United States stands at … Continue reading

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a Transferred Presence

Many people believe that black ink on white paper in a book called the Bible are actually the Word(s) of God. Those same words with the ink now being red, say that Jesus (who we also believe was God in … Continue reading

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Staying at a Holiday Inn Expresss…near Jericho

This has been a very uncomfortable stay the past two years, but I am grateful to the Good Samaritans & the Inn Keeper. I didn’t realize how broken, fragmented, wounded, war torn, weary, weak, and fainthearted I was until I … Continue reading

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It’s Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work

For decades the Bud Light commercials have been culturally contagious.  I’m not a beer drinker, but the magic of community and camaraderie they produce is intoxicating.  Here is one of their “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work” commercials… Very … Continue reading

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