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#18 – Dark Night of the Soul – LENT 2018

Why is the divine light that leads to divine union called by the soul the Dark Night?  The clearer and more manifest are divine things in themselves, the darker and more hidden are they to the soul naturally; just as, … Continue reading

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Soul Serenade

You may be distracted numerous times. And perhaps your entire practice will be full of sensations clamoring for attention (like monkeys in a banana tree). These distractions are YOU in the Flesh. Be abhorred, you are being judged, Cross examined, … Continue reading

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Increase your Dosage of Communion.

For those of you who may be in desperate need of a loving encounter, healing touch, fresh intake of grace or a sacred romance with the Lord Jesus. Simply stand or sit quietly with a small piece of bread-Body and … Continue reading

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God’s Hiding Place

The Incarnation Mystery is being repeated and represented in the Eucharist. Here we have material reality, in the form of these universal foods of bread and wine, as the hiding place and the revelation place for God. We are reminded … Continue reading

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Open Rewards of Secret Prayer

There is not enough noticeable, visible, circumstantial evidence of prayer in Jesus’ life to justify the manifestation of signs, miracles, and wonders in His earthly ministry…* Matthew 6:5-7 “And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. For … Continue reading

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“Bounce House” Sunday mornings

In my opinion it resembles a concert or a night club atmosphere. If we are always in the dark we lose the sense of the liturgical theatrics that we can have when it is more appropriate to be in the … Continue reading

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Vision I  Christ in the midst of the Church Jesus’ band of followers known only as the Church were together facing a very real devil with very real persecutions through very real governments and within them is the working of … Continue reading

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a Transferred Presence

Many people believe that black ink on white paper in a book called the Bible are actually the Word(s) of God. Those same words with the ink now being red, say that Jesus (who we also believe was God in … Continue reading

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Artificial Presence

The church has developed a service rather than offering a Presence. Today’s church services are so predictable and scripted, you might even say full of ceremony and ritual. Every church has a liturgy, a prescribed form of worship, it just … Continue reading

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